My journey began on Instagram where I sought to create a space to share my insights as a Pediatrician. As my account evolved, I knew I had the unique opportunity to reach more families. That was when The Pedsdoctalk Podcast was born.

As adults, a large part of our health habits begins in childhood. Having healthy sleep habits, a positive relationship with food, and managing stress effectively play a huge role in our overall health. My mission is to help parents understand how they can implement strategies to help foster healthy habits from a young age to raise well-adjusted children.

Hi! I'm Dr. Mona and I am here to give you reliable and easy-to-digest knowledge regarding the health and wellness of your child. Thanks for joining me! 

I will share tips and strategies to help you raise
healthy and mindful children. 

I grew up in Southern California where I attended UCLA majoring in Psychobiology. 

I subsequently went to Osteopathic Medical School at ATSU-SOMA in Arizona

I completed residency at The Bernard and Millie Duker Children's Hospital in Albany, NY.

Since residency, I have worked in private practice.

I am Board Certified through the American Academy of Pediatrics.

My Education and Training

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a few of my loves

My son, Ryaan, a NICU grad who inspires me every day.

My husband, Gaurav, an ER doc and my biggest cheerleader. 

My dog, Shiloh, the biggest cuddle buddy there ever was.

Working out and mixing it up between yoga, HIIT, and spin. 

Traveling. Italy and Japan have been our favorite international destinations. 

Celebrating how fascinating and brilliant children are.

Empowering parents to make sure they realize they are doing a great job in their role.