About Dr. Mona

Being a new mom is overwhelming and stressful.

I’m here to help you drop the “mom guilt” as you navigate your new life as a mom

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Hi there!

I’m Dr. Mona, I’m a Board Certified Pediatrician and a mom.

When new moms come to see me in my medical practice, they tend to have the same questions.

And the same worries.

How do I help my baby sleep at night? Do I have to help them?

I don’t know if I should breast or bottle feed? Or both?

Is my baby gaining enough weight/sleeping enough/hitting the milestones?

When I became a mom to my son Ryaan in 2019, I experienced first-hand all the things us new moms worry about.

And it changed me as a doctor. 

Now I know that the real question all new moms have is:

How do I know if I’m making the right decisions for my baby?

Dr. Mona takes the complexity out of parenting and medical advice

I love that Dr. Mona talks about her experiences as a mom. She’s real about her postpartum struggles – I struggled, too. 

Her vulnerability is important. She shares her own motherhood struggles and mixes in the medical stuff. 

She has the power and knowledge of a pediatrician and is maternal. Her advice is evidence-based, and she takes the complexity out of it.

She doesn’t speak textbook. She speaks textbook & mom.

– Chelsea, Toddler Mom

Navigating motherhood is hard.

Nobody leaves the hospital with a manual on how to become a parent. 

The birthing and bringing home baby classes only cover the basics like how to swaddle or change a diaper.

They don’t teach you how to deal with all the worries and uncertainties of motherhood. Or how to BE a mom. 

Mothers need just as much attention as a newborn, because they too have just been born.

When we’re confused or overwhelmed, we do what any modern mom does: pull out our phones during nighttime feeds and ask Google for the answer.

Here’s the thing:

There’s a lot of misguided parenting advice and crappy information to wade through.

And the mom-forums are full of judgey comments.

That’s why it’s my mission to share balanced, well-researched parenting advice to lessen those big worries and help moms find more joy in motherhood

First time – and more experienced – moms love the insights and advice I share as a pediatrician.

They love following along BTS as I navigate life as a first time mom.

I hope you will too.

Welcome to a safe, trusted space to get parenting advice from a doctor -
who’s also a mom trying her best, just like you.

How Can I Help You?

Yes, I’m really a doctor

Dr. Mona’s Education & Credentials

I’m a first-generation Indian American,  born and raised in southern California. I attended UCLA for my undergraduate training, majoring in psychobiology (the study of how the brain affects our behaviors).

I went on to attend medical school at ATSU-SOMA in Arizona where I obtained my Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Degree. 

After medical school, I completed  pediatric residency training at the Bernard and Millie Duker Children’s Hospital in Albany, New York.

I’m currently a practicing Pediatrician where I see babies and moms of every ethnicity and social circumstance.

I love my work.

I love sharing smart, helpful advice to make the motherhood journey a little easier and a lot more joyful.

I’ve built an inclusive and caring community of over 100,000 fans and followers on my various channels.

Want to bring a little Dr. Mona love to your community?

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