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All about diaper rashes & diapering

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My best tips on diapering and diaper rashes so you can keep baby happy and that cute tush rash free!


  • The best way to prevent diaper rashes is through frequent changes and using ointments with EVERY diaper change to protect the area.
  • It’s important to change a newborn’s diaper frequently. You will likely go through 10+ diaper changes a day initially, but I promise you it gets better!
  • Diaper rashes happen due to the moisture created in a wet or soiled diaper. The components in urine and poop also irritate the skin, leading to more redness.
  • If your baby is sleeping, you do not need to wake them up to change their diaper, but do make sure to frost their diaper area with diaper cream to ensure their skin is protected while they sleep.


  • A mild contact rash looks like pink or red spots. These spots may be in certain areas and flat to the skin (not raised). Use zinc oxide ointments and FREQUENT diaper changes.
  • A yeast rash looks like inflamed skin with red spots that look raised off the skin. It almost looks like you can peel the skin off. This will need an antifungal cream like clotrimazole OTC or nystatin prescribed by a clinician.
  • A bacterial rash looks like open sores, which need to be seen by a clinician. Baby will likely need antibiotic ointment.


  • You can use a blow-dryer on a cool setting to fan the area of moisture.
  • Keep baby out of diaper as long as possible for fresh air.
  • Consider testing out other diaper creams/ointments.
  • Consider trialing new diapers. Some are more breathable on baby’s skin.
  • Change diapers FREQUENTLY, including when sleeping.


  • For regular diaper changes where skin looks normal, you can use a barrier cream. These include things like Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment or Vaseline. These ointments don’t contain zinc oxide but serve as a barrier to protect skin from urine and poop.
  • If you notice ANY redness, start using an ointment with zinc oxide in it. This is usually a white ointment.
  • You can use zinc oxide ointments regularly, but they tend to be more expensive.

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