Insect repellent (bug spray) and kids

Summer is among us! Some of us are more prone to insect bites than others. Read on to learn the different options for repellent, safety, and precaution tips!

Salmonella and Kids

With the recent recall of certain lots of Jif Peanut Butter, I thought it was important to discuss salmonella, what it is, the symptoms, and how it’s diagnosed/treated.

Formula Shortage in the US

The massive formula shortage across the US is causing stress for new parents and parents of infants. This blog goes over all of your common questions and concerns to get you through this.

Travel during COVID? Things to consider

The travel requirement change on mask mandates at a time when a new variant is circulating can be overwhelming. In this blog, I will guide you on things to consider as you make your decision on travel during the pandemic.

High Chair Refusal

I know high chair refusal–while common–can be a battle. Read on for some tips on how to navigate this with your little one!