Mosquito Bite Magnet No-More!

Woman in red shirt and shorts holding toddler in front of a park

Who else is a magnet for mosquito bites?? I am very prone to bug bites and develop local reactions to them. My husband and I can be sitting in the same place and he will not get bit and I will have 20. When I was pregnant with Ryaan, I rarely got bit. (Thank you, […]

Decision Fatigue is Real.

So what is decision fatigue? Decision fatigue is a psychological concept where our productivity and mental clarity suffers as a result of becoming overwhelmed from making repetitive, small decisions. These decisions may seem small and irrelevant, but they compound and can clutter our mind. Think about all the decisions you make for yourself, your partner, […]

Confessions of a Working Mom

pediatrician mom smiling and cuddling sick toddler

I never fully realized is how it would impact the ability to show up for my work as a Pediatrician in a pandemic.