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Teething symptoms and myths

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Are amber necklaces safe? Does teething cause a fever and rash? Let’s discuss some common myths and signs.

Signs and symptoms of teething

  • More drooling from baseline. Remember, babies start to drool early when they start putting everything in their mouth. Not all drooling is teething, but more drooling than their baseline with the following symptoms can indicate the start of a tooth coming in:
    • Swollen or slightly red gums as the teeth break through.
    • Some irritability when the tooth breaks through.
    • Rubbing of the cheeks and ears. The nerves to the gum travel close to their ears, causing them to feel discomfort all the way up to their ear.
    • Food and drink refusal can happen, but it should be short-lived and they should remain hydrated.

Now let’s talk about some common myths! Does teething cause a fever?

There may be a slight increase in temperature, but with any fever over 100.4, there is something else going on. Children who are teething are commonly putting their hands in their mouth, making them more susceptible to germ exposure. Make sure to seek medical attention if your child is having a persistent fever, is dehydrated with a fever, or is inconsolable with a fever even if they are teething! We don’t want to miss something else, like an infection that needs treatment.

Are amber necklaces safe?

Amber necklaces and bracelets have small pieces that can break off and babies can choke on those small pieces. Also, the necklace itself can lead to strangulation. They also serve as more of a placebo effect (parents think they’re doing something, so teething pain improves). Because of safety concerns and lack of evidence to support efficacy, they are not recommended.

Is drooling always a sign?

Babies will begin drooling and putting their hands in their mouth as early as three months as part of an oral (sensory) phase. An increase from their baseline may be a sign of teething, but drool and hands being in the mouth alone are NOT indicators of teething.

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