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Breastfeeding and Formula Resources

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How do I find breastfeeding and formula resources?

Finding reliable and knowledgeable resources that are a “good fit” for you can be tricky. Having resources and education for breastfeeding and formula feeding is important to help guide and support you throughout your feeding journey.

It’s a reality that the system we have in the U.S. makes breastfeeding very difficult, even for families that want to do it. For example, there is no guarantee for accessible in-person lactation support and paid maternity leave. Access to a supportive lactation consultant is important but is often difficult to find. This resource can be so helpful for troubleshooting and offering support during a vulnerable and difficult time.

Similarly, finding support for formula feeding and navigating the many different formula options can be overwhelming. Many parents have questions like “What formula should I start with?” and “Is my baby tolerating the formula?” or “Are organic formulas better?” You can find many differing opinions and sources of information, but it is key to find reliable and trustworthy sources to make the best decision for you and your baby.

Lactation consultants to check out

The PedsDocTalk following shared the lactation consultant resources below.

Lactation Consultant LocationContact Information
Arizona [Phoenix]Arizona Breastfeeding Medicine and Wellness
Arizona [Phoenix]Milk and Honey
California [Newport Beach]Hoag Baby Line
California [Pasadena] *Pasadena Breastfeeding Center
California [San Jose] *More than Milk Breastfeeding
Colorado [Colorado Springs]Pikes Peak Lactation
Colorado [Denver]The Mama’hood
ConnecticutMilkin’ Melanin Lactation Services
ConnecticutRobin DeGemmis IBCLC
Florida [Miami] *Dolly Mama
Florida [Orlando]Orlando Lactation and Wellness Services
Georgia [Atlanta]Lactation Consultants of Atlanta
Georgia [Scottdale]Nourished Young
IllinoisOSF HealthCare
Indiana [Indianapolis] *Indy Lactation Care
Indiana [Indianapolis]Dr. Lindsay Moore
KansasAdventHealth Shawnee
Maryland [Montgomery County]Metropolitan Breastfeeding
Minnesota [Twin Cities]Oasis Lactation Services
Nebraska [Omaha]MilkWorks
New JerseyMilkwell lactation
New York [Capital Region]Milk Matters
North CarolinaTeaching Babies to Nurse
(919) 438-2293
Oregon *Providence St. Vincent Medical Center
Oregon [Bend]Nourished Lactation
Pennsylvania [Philadelphia]Andrea Judge Lactation
Pennsylvania [Philadelphia]Center City Pediatrics
Linda Derbyshire 215-735-5600
Pennsylvania [Pittsburgh]Breastfeeding Center of Pittsburgh
South Carolina [Charleston]Costal Pediatric Associates – Newborn Centers of Charleston
South Dakota *Upheld Postpartum
Tennessee [Nashville]St. Thomas Midtown Breastfeeding Clinic
Texas [Austin]Milk Diva Lactation Services
Texas [Cedar Park] *My Pure Delivery
Texas [Dallas] *Demi Lucas Lactation
Texas [Houston]Bay Area Breastfeeding and Education
Texas [San Antonio]Breastfeeding House Calls
Laura Gruber 210-209-1002
Washington [Seattle]The University of Washington Lactation
* Indicates virtual options

The PedsDocTalk following shared the best online and social media breastfeeding and pumping resources below. Some of these accounts have courses, free PDFs, and online communities to fit your needs.

The PedsDocTalk following shared the best online and social media formula resources below.

  • theformulamom
  • theformulafairy
  • bobbie (formula company providing educational resources for all formula-feeding families)
  • Enfamil (formula company providing educational resources for all formula-feeding families)

Check out PedsDocTalk breastfeeding and formula resources

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