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Mosquito Bite Magnet No-More!

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Who else is a magnet for mosquito bites??

I am very prone to bug bites and develop local reactions to them.

My husband and I can be sitting in the same place and he will not get bit and I will have 20.

When I was pregnant with Ryaan, I rarely got bit. (Thank you, Ryaan for protecting your momma).

Interestingly, Ryaan is not a magnet for mosquitos. He got my husband’s pheromones.

DEET, Picaridin, and EPA registered essential oils are all great options.

I find parents want to go with the less “chemical” of insect repellents such as lemon of oil eucalyptus.

I’m okay with this if it’s preventing insect bites. But if it’s not, consider Picaridin or DEET.

Remember that insect repellent is just one layer of protection and there are other ways to reduce insect bites (swipe for more).

DEET has gotten a bad reputation in the 1980s from reports of encephalopathy (brain swelling) in children exposed to DEET.

However, no evidence suggests that DEET was the cause of these reports and more recent research demonstrates no adverse effects of DEET.

Since then, there are other options, but the AAP, CDC, and EPA all agree that DEET is safe for children.

In regards to essential oils not approved by the EPA, remember that these are not approved for safety or efficacy, so you will be using it at your own discretion of benefit vs. risk.

As someone who personally uses essential oils, make sure you dilute with carrier oil if using on your older child (see safety highlight for more).

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