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26: Babies are Fascinating--A Review of The Netflix Documentary: Babies - The PedsDocTalk Podcast

If you know me already, you know how much I love children. Not only are they cute, but they are extremely intelligent.On this episode I review the Documentary Series on Netflix: "Babies." This is a docuseries showing infant and child developmental...

Babies are Fascinating: A Review of Babies (Documentary)

On this episode I review the Documentary Series on Netflix: “Babies.” This is a docuseries showing infant and child developmental researchers from around the world as they explain just how awesome babies are. They follow 15 families through their journey to show us how babies think, act, and move.

Here are some of the amazing questions that I will answer with the help of this documentary:

  • Are mothers the only ones who bond strongly with their infant? What about fathers? Or situations where it’s a same-sex couple?
  • How important is the gut microbiome?
  • Is crawling an innate ability?
  • How do babies learn words?
  • What effect does sleep have on development?
  • Do walking babies learn words differently than crawling babies?
  • Do babies prefer familiar faces?
  • Do newborns understand their movements have purpose?
  • Are babies inclined to certain foods based on what their mother drank during pregnancy?
  • How important is joint attention?
  • How do nature and nurture impact who we are?
  • Are toddlers innate helpers?

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