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37: Let's Go Viral: Parenting in a Pandemic - The PedsDocTalk Podcast

We are 6 months into the COVID-19 Pandemic and parents around the world are balancing more than they ever have had to.Work, distance-learning, daycare, COVID risk, your own well-being, and the safety of their families. Decision fatigue IS REAL. Pa...

Let’s Go Viral: Parenting in a Pandemic

I welcome Dr. Kelly Fradin (@adviceigivemyfriends on Instagram). She is also the author of the new book: Parenting in a Pandemic.

We have a Pediatrician to Pediatrician conversation about COVID, flu, and bronchiolitis, when to seek care, how each of them can present, testing, return to daycare and school, and navigating viral season in a pandemic as parents.

If you have a question you want answered on the podcast, call 954 526 2641 to leave a message.

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