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The New Mom's Survival Guide


A Pediatrician mom’s complete roadmap to navigating your first year of motherhood!

Becoming a mom is totally overwhelming – not to mention exhausting.

Not only that… it’s sooo difficult to find well-researched and non-judgey advice about how to be the best mom to your little one.

Discover how to be the best mom for your baby!


PedsDocTalk Podcast

podcast for moms:

800 5-Star Reviews!

Each week I will share education on your most common concerns, interview experts in Pediatrics, and share my perspective on motherhood and medicine. 

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Baby Poop Basics


We’re breaking down the good, the bad, and the stinky – so you can stop worrying about baby poop and start enjoying your baby!

Download our guide instead of sifting through the not-so-pretty search results from “is my baby’s poop normal?”

Teething Remedies


Making teething more manageable for both of you! Let us help you find a pain-management plan that works best for your baby and for you.

Download our teething remedies and see what works best for your teething little one!


Newborn Sleep Tips

Free Guide:

Everyone warns you about sleep before you have a baby. “Enjoy it while you can” they say. I want to change that narrative. YOU WILL SLEEP! 

Grab this guide to make sure you’re both getting the best sleep!

Milestones to Monitor

Free Guide:

Do you know what to watch for in the first year? 

Most of don’t know the ages that these milestones are supposed to happen off-hand – it’s a lot to remember!

With this list you can rest assured, knowing what developmental milestones to watch for and when it’s time to talk about a concern with your child’s clinician!

Fussy Baby Checklist

Free Guide:

Caring for a fussy baby can be so challenging.

I want to walk you through a step-by-step guide for those fussy episodes in the middle of the night.

With this handy checklist of things to try and what to watch out for you can get through the fussy periods with confidence and calm!

How to Find the Best Doctor

Free Guide:

You’re having a baby – now it’s time to find a pediatrician!

Download this handy checklist of great questions to ask and things to consider as you choose someone to look after the health of your little one. 

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