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Teething remedies

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Everybody has different pain thresholds, including with teething. Your goal is to reduce discomfort as much as possible; with an understanding that some discomfort may remain and will be short-lived. Here are some ways to soothe your teething kiddo.

Teething remedies

It can be so hard when your child is teething! You want to make them as comfortable as possible and relieve that pain if you can. Remember, everybody has different pain thresholds, so it’s important to come up with your pain-management plan that works best for your baby when they are teething. Your goal is to reduce discomfort as much as possible. Below are a few things to try to reduce discomfort.

Ways to reduce teething discomfort

  • Try a clean wet washcloth that you tie to a ring and stick in the freezer. Another method is to roll the wet washcloth up into muffin tins for a homemade teething toy. They will be able to hold this and gnaw on it and put it directly where they feel discomfort.
  • Pacifier dipped in water and placed in the freezer.
  • Teething rings you can put in the freezer. Make sure they are not too hard once they come out of the freezer, as they need some softness to be able to chomp down on them.
  • Gentle massage with your clean finger to the gum line. This can help when the tooth is just starting to erupt. If they have multiple teeth, watch out for biting!
  • Silicone teething toys. I like to implement these around the age they begin to drool and put their hands in their mouth, as it then also doubles as a teething aid and as a toy to explore during this oral phase.
  • Once baby starts solids, put frozen fruit in a fruit feeder. Fill it with their favorite frozen fruit and allow them to gnaw on it.
  • If breastfeeding, frozen breast milk in a fruit feeder (BM popsicle).

Give extra snuggles!

Remember, it doesn’t feel great to have the teeth come through the gum line. Some snuggles with some go-to remedies are the best combination. Also, understand that it is okay for them to be upset, and explain to them (even if they are not speaking yet) that they will be okay. “I know it hurts, but I know you are brave and we will get through it!” Sometimes these positive affirmations can calm you down when you see them upset and calm them down too. Remember that you have your remedies; but sometimes they may be uncomfortable. But, they WILL get through it.

Medication can be okay

Patience and empathy go a long way in teaching them to cope with discomfort! If it’s an extra bad night when that tooth is really breaking through the gum line; ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or paracetamol are fine, but you do not want to be giving this around the clock. Focus on other remedies first and use these medicines if needed!


They’ve been up all night crying!

What can I do to make them feel better?

I’m not even listening to what my Grandma suggested to do!

It’s never easy to see your child in pain – let us help you find a pain-management plan that works best for your baby and for you.

Download our teething remedies and see what works best for your teething little one!

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