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When I invested in the program, I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did! Thank you!”

Parenting a toddler can be fun, but it’s not always easy.

It’s like you’re playing a bunch of new games where the rules keep changing - and it’s hard to keep up

Between naptime, bathtime, playtime and mealtime WHO HAS THE ACTUAL TIME to figure out all the ins and outs of potty training, feeding and tantrums?!

That’s why I created the Toddler Essentials Course Bundle

to be your one-stop-shop to solve the trickiest parts of parenting a toddler (and still have time for yourself!)

When you’re armed with trusted advice, helpful tools, and doctor-approved techniques, you and your child with grow together, hitting milestone after milestone.

Dr. Mona’s Toddler Essentials includes these sanity-saving parenting courses:

Get all 3 Toddler Courses & Save $44! >

($47 Value)

Picky Eating Playbook:

Step-by-step strategies for toddler feeding and reducing mealtime battles

Mealtime doesn’t need to end in a food fight! 

In this course, you’ll get 5 “bite-sized” modules to help you understand why food refusal and picky eating happens. Plus you’ll get mindset tips, scripts and strategies to navigate mealtime with your toddler.

Module 1: Why Picky Eating Happens – discover the difference between picky eating and food refusal and why it’s so common

Module 2: 5 PDT Principles for Toddler Feeding – find out how your mindset influences your child’s mealtime success

Module 3: Strategies to Minimize Picky Eating Before it Starts – children go through phases, so you’ll love these scripts and strategies to have fewer food battles 

Module 4: Picky Eating Playbook – Stop being a short-order cook! Find out what to do – and what NOT to do – to get your get your child to try new foods and enjoy eating with the whole family

Module 5: Handling common roadblocks in toddler feeding like mealtime meltdowns, wanting a snack after refused meals, leaving the table and MORE

“The no-thank-you-bowl is going to change my life. I’m inspired to start better routines to have better eating habits.”

“I found the tips really helpful, they were tangible and easy to implement in our home.”

“The next day, I tried the strategy where the child feeds the parent – and it worked like a charm!”

($47 Value)

No-Pressure Potty Training:​


It’s the time most parents dread: POTTY TRAINING! 

This course is your one stop shop for all your potty teaching needs. Find Doctor-approved methods for teaching your kiddo to use the potty, PLUS the PDT 5 Pillars of Potty Success.

Module 1: Get Ready with the Right Mindset – 5 mindset reframes to help you navigate this journey with less stress

Module 2: Potty Readiness & Prepping for Success – discover the tell-tale signs your child is ready, and what to do BEFORE you train

Module 3: 5 Pillars of Potty Teaching Success and get a step-by-step guide to teach your toddler how to use the potty in under 2 weeks with scenarios and scripts

Module 4: Common Roadblocks in Potty Training – find out how to deal with the “crappier” side of potty training… meltdowns, power struggles, poop issues, childcare and regressions. We’ve got you covered!

“Dr. Mona does a great job at making things feel less intimidating and truly making it a “no pressure” experience.”

“The potty time scripts were HUGE – thank you for those!”

“This potty training helped us to take something that could be scary and break it down into steps that seem achievable.”

($97 Value)

Toddlers & Tantrums:

A parenting playbook to help you manage toddler tantrums and behavior

Meltdowns, tantrums & tears – OH MY! 

Parenting is difficult, especially when your kid goes from being a baby who needs you, to a toddler who wants independence – but still needs you! This is a comprehensive course that covers brain development, discipline, parenting techniques and common triggers. Find out how to avoid tantrums and stay cool as a cucumber through every meltdown.

Module 1: Understanding Toddler Behavior – find out what’s happening inside your toddler’s brain, and get the basics about tantrums and toddlers

Module 2: 8 PDT Principles for Toddler Behavior – get principles to help you navigate toddler behavior, and proven mantras and scripts to help you through your strong-willed child’s tantrums

Module 3: Discipline & Boundaries – get the STEPs to reduce tantrums and teach your toddler about emotions and coping skills. We’ll also cover discipline strategies and what to do when you lose your cool

Module 4: Common Toddler Moments – get instant help and powerful parenting scripts for nearly every tantrum situation, including hitting/pushing, leaving the house, car rides, visiting the doctor, bedtime battles, and more.

“It’s rare to find someone who has the power and knowledge of a Pediatrician and still be maternal and take the complexity out of it. Dr. Mona shares her motherhood struggles and weaves in the medical stuff. It’s not just textbook. It’s textbook + mom.”

“Bathtime is always a battle for us. But after using your “show me” script, my toddler’s not standing up in the tub anymore. It worked this morning when I bathed him! Day 1!”

Yep! You can purchase each course separately, but when you bundle them together, you’ll save $44! >

Plus, you’ll save your precious sanity and time by having powerful parenting scripts and strategies at your fingertips for whenever the you-know-what hits the fan (literally & figuratively!)

Get all 3 of Dr. Mona's Toddler Essentials

Picky Eating Playbook | No-Pressure Potty Training | Toddlers & Tantrums


Save $44 on the Essential Bundle


These toddler courses were created by leading Pediatrician and parenting educator, Dr. Mona

Who’s also surviving the journey through the toddler years with her son, Ryaan

Hi! I’m Dr. Mona

I’m a board certified and practicing Pediatrician and lactation consultant. I see patients as an attending physician. I’m also a mom to my toddler son, Ryaan.

You *may* have seen me dancing and singing about poop or strep throat on social media, or diving deeper into parenting topics on my YouTube channel and top-rated podcast, The PedsDocTalk Podcast.

I love helping moms, dads and caregivers discover their own parenting style and understand their kiddos better. There’s so much hype and misinformation online – so around here you’ll only find non-judgy, research-based parenting advice and education.

My goal is to help you stress less and have WAY more fun through those tricky toddler years.

Practical printables

with Doctor-approved tips & strategies


and strategies to manage common scenarios & roadblocks

Understand development

and become the best parent to your toddler

Bite-sized video lessons

and materials all in one handy place

With Dr. Mona’s Toddler Essentials,
you’ll become the kind of parent who

Raises an amazing eater and avoids mealtime fights

Teaches your toddler how to use the potty in less than 2 weeks

Gracefully manages meltdowns and stops tantrums before they start

And you’ll stress WAY less
and feel more confident as a parent

Get all 3 of Dr. Mona's Toddler Essentials

Picky Eating Playbook | No-Pressure Potty Training | Toddlers & Tantrums


Save $44 on the Essential Bundle


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