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Welcome to the Toddler Years!

Get ready for the fun and sometimes challenging times ahead

When you’re armed with trusted advice, helpful tools, and Doctor-approved techniques, you and your child will grow together.

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“I purchased the picky eating course and it was an absolute game changer! It has helped me and my daughter significantly.”

– Kay Bee

“I have purchased both the new mom survival guide and the toddler potty training course and both were super helpfull!

– Kristen M

“The Toddlers and Tantrums course has been a very helpful resource for me, my husband and even my parents!

– Keeley

Navigate the toddler years like a pro!

1 - 4 years

buy before may 5th and the the toddler development guide ($19) free

Dr. Mona’s Toddler Essentials Course Bundle (and save $)


Welcome to the world of parenting a toddler!

Get all of Dr. Mona’s proven steps and how-tos to help you navigate the tricky toddler stage.

Dr. Mona’s Toddler Essentials Bundle Includes:

Toddler Essentials Course

3 courses - save $44!

What do you need help with?

Picking Eating Playbook

Step-by-step strategies for toddler feeding and reducing mealtime battles

Not every meal needs to end in a food fight! 

In this course, you’ll get 5 “bite-sized” modules to help you understand why food refusal and picky eating happens. Plus you’ll get mindset tips, scripts and strategies to navigate mealtime with your toddler.  

$47 >

No-Pressure Potty Training

A no-stress method to get your toddler using the toilet

It’s the time most parents dread: POTTY TRAINING! 

In this course, you’ll get a one stop shop for all your potty teaching needs. Find Doctor-approved methods for teaching your kiddo to use the potty, PLUS the PDT 5 Pillars of Potty Success.  

$47 >

Toddlers and Tantrums

A parenting playbook to help you manage toddler tantrums and behavior

Meltdowns, tantrums & tears – OH MY! 

Parenting is difficult, especially when your kid goes from being a baby who needs you, to a toddler who wants independence – but still needs you! Find out how to avoid tantrums and stay cool through every meltdown.

$97 >

The Complete Roadmap to Toddler Development

The Complete Roadmap to Toddler Development

Understand your toddler through every (fun!) age & stage

The ultimate guide to parenting your toddler. Find out what to expect at each age, how to track milestones, and what to expect at doctor’s visits. Includes bonus resources such as chore charts, language development and playtime strategies. 

$19 >

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