Picky Eating Playbook:

Step-by-step strategies for toddler feeding and reducing mealtime battles

An easy-to-digest course to help parents win the mealtime battles, and manage food refusal and picky eating

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“I’m just so sick of the mealtime struggles”

say most toddler parents, everywhere

Most parents have a similar journey.

We go through the fun, experimental phase of weaning our baby off milk and onto trying first foods – when the biggest challenges we face are collecting Cheerios off the floor or washing mushy carrots off the highchair tray (and out of our baby’s hair)… 

But then we reach a point where our sweet, well-behaved, eats-nearly-everything baby becomes a


who refuses to eat any of the food you put in front of them (even though you artfully arranged it like a Bob Ross painting)

This is normal.

Studies show 58% of parents say it’s hard to get their kids to eat a balanced diet, and 35% believe they have a picky eater

It’s no wonder food and feeding are a big source of parental stress.

But here’s something few experts tell parents about this phase of raising a toddler:

→ food refusal, self-feeding, being independent and discovering autonomy are part of a key stage in toddler development.

Which means it’s totally normal for toddlers to go through fussy eating phases.

And you don’t need to create Pinterest-worthy food creations or become a short-order cook to get your toddler to eat a well-balanced meal.

What you need is a playbook to help you understand the different phases of toddler food refusal and picky eating.

And you need clever, proven strategies to make mealtime
less stressful and more enjoyable for you and your toddler.

Introducing: The Picky Eating Playbook


In this on-demand course, you’ll get 5 handy modules to help you reduce the mealtime battles and raise an amazing eater

Get the Picky Eating Playbook for just $47

Simple strategies to help you create healthy eating habits -
within a day!

“The no-thank-you-bowl is going to change my life. I’m inspired to start better routines to have better eating habits.

“The next day, I tried the strategy where the child feeds the parent – and it worked like a charm!

Practical printables

with Doctor-approved tips & strategies


and strategies to manage common scenarios & roadblocks

Understand development

and become the best parent to your toddler

Bite-sized video lessons

and materials all in one handy place

The Picky Eating Playbook is your guide to end the food fights and enjoy mealtime again.

This digital course is created and delivered by Pediatrician and leading parenting expert, Dr. Mona.

You’ll get instant access to mealtime tips and research-backed strategies

You’ll get trusted, well-researched advice to help you and your toddler manage mealtimes and food struggles, without having to search the internet or parenting forums for dodgy, judgmental advice.

How is the Picky Eating Playbook different from all the other courses and books out there?

The Picky Eating Playbook was created by a Pediatrician who’s helped countless parents manage fussy eaters. 

I’m also managing my own “mealtime monster” as a mom to a toddler, who has his share of picky eating moments.

Everything included in the course is researched-based.

The tips and strategies are simple and doable for any family and every budget. 

This course helps you understand child psychology and development so you can help your kids through their feeding journey.

No crazy food art.

No short order cooking.

And no judgment about your family’s food preferences or cultural choices.

Just proven solutions and research-backed guidance to help you reduce mealtime battles and encourage life-long healthy eating habits.

“I found the tips really helpful.
They were tangible and easy to implement in our home.”

Course participant

The Picky Eating Playbook


In this on-demand course, you’ll get 5 handy modules to help you reduce the mealtime battles and raise an amazing eater

Get the Picky Eating Playbook for just $47

What’s included in
the Picky Eating Playbook

Module One

Picky Eating Happens

You’ll discover:

Module Two

The 5 PDT
Principles for
Toddler Feeding

You’ll discover:

Module THREE


You’ll discover:

Module four

The Picky EatingPlaybook

You’ll discover:

Module FIVE

Mealtime Meltdowns

You’ll discover:

About your mealtime mentor...

Hi! I'm Dr. Mona

“I created this course because as Pediatrician, I see first-hand the stress and pressure picky eating can bring to a family. We’ve also navigated periods of refusal and pickiness in our family – where sometimes our son wouldn’t eat dinner for a week! 

I love to help parents understand child psychology and development so you can be better prepared for the ups and downs, and help your kids through their feeding journey. 

Whether you’re grabbing this course before food refusal and picky eating has begun or you’re deep into the fussy eating stage, this course will help guide you. You’ll get practical, research-based tips that will work for almost every family.”

Dr. Mona is a leading parenting expert and board-certified Pediatrician. She’s the host of the popular The PedsDocTalk Podcast, and is a trusted expert for several media outlets, parenting magazines and moms everywhere. 

Dr. Mona

The Parent's Promise

You have 14 days to snoop around and access the full course. If it’s not your jam, then you’ll be refunded the full amount, no questions asked. 

Have Questions? We have Answers.

I encourage you to watch and share this course with anybody who will be caring for your child or joining you during mealtime – because being on the same page is really helpful when it comes to creating healthy eating habits.

No! You won’t find recipes inside the course. What you will find are strategies that have worked with our family and other families, to introduce new foods and to take the pressure off at mealtime. Of course, the goal is to create healthy, curious eaters. We cover basic nutrient needs, but be assured, there’s no shaming and blaming here!

No! The principles and strategies we teach are helpful through any stage. And it may be your toddler is just going through a developmental stage. The scripts and scenarios we include will give you some great ways to handle your picky eater. Plus, the parenting mindset tips will relieve a little of the pressure you’re probably putting on yourself. You got this!

The course and strategies can help a variety of different children; however if your child is deep into feeding therapy I recommend continuing working with your feeding therapist in addition to this course as 1:1 intervention can be very helpful.

You can find LOTS of stuff on the internet, not all of it is trustworthy. I’ve gathered the best, researched-backed approaches all into one simple course. We cover basic toddler development so you understand the different phases and behavior challenges your toddler might be going through that affect eating habits and behaviors. 

And we include something most courses forget: YOUR mindset and success strategies. Plus as far as I’m aware, this is one of the few toddler feeding and picky eating courses created by a practicing Pediatrician and toddler-mom. We’ve done all the research for you, so you don’t have to waste your precious time scouring the ‘net for dodgy advice.

After you purchase, you’ll be emailed logins to access the course on a private platform. You’ll find all the short videos and lessons brilliantly organized and easy-to-digest. There are 5 modules, each with 2-3 bite-sized lessons. Plus you receive printables and handouts on eating schedules, nutrient needs, snack guides, dealing with food refusal, choking hazards, and answers to common questions.

We put a lot of care into creating a gold-standard program for parents at an accessible price. We stand by our programs. If you’re not 100% happy with the materials, you have 14 days to notify us and request a refund.

The Picky Eating Playbook


In this on-demand course, you’ll get 5 handy modules to help you reduce the mealtime battles and raise an amazing eater

Get the Picky Eating Playbook for just $47