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Being a mom will be one of the most challenging (& rewarding) experiences of your life.

Dr. Mona is here to help make your motherhood journey a little a lot easier.


How to Prepare for Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Motherhood

Download this handy checklist of things to do in each trimester as you prepare to become the best mom for your baby!

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Hi! I’m Dr. Mona

I’m a Board Certified Pediatrician and a first time mom to my sweet toddler, Ryaan.

I know the ups and downs of being a new parent.

I help moms ditch the worry and second-guessing so you can find more joy and fall in love with your first year of motherhood.

Being A Parent Is Tough

Nobody goes home with a manual on how to become a parent to the tiny human you’ve welcomed into your life.

Plus, there is so much misinformation and so many extreme opinions out there.

It’s hard to wade through the judgement and biased information to find balanced and practical parenting advice (#DoctorApproved)…

Until now!

What Moms Are Saying

Compassionate. Empathetic. Confident.

“Dr. Mona brings a very human voice to clinical content and makes me feel empowered as a parent.”

“A wealth of knowledge. She presents information free of bias while speaking from the heart. As a new mom of a newborn, she has provided me with much needed reassurance as well as fact-based education.”

“So much great information, excellent for health professionals but also easily understandable for everyday parents.”

This is a safe space where you can find reliable, trusted answers 
to your parenting and baby questions.

From sleep training and sniffles, to feeding and diapering –
there are no silly questions (and only smart answers) around here.

The Doctor Is In: How Can I Help You?

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The New Mom's Survival Guide

A Pediatrician mom’s complete roadmap to navigating your first year of parenthood!

Becoming a mom (for the first time or for another baby) is totally overwhelming and exhausting. Not only that… it’s sooo difficult to find well-researched and non-judgey advice about how to be the best mom to your little one – Until Now!

Ditch the worries with trusted advice that’s right there whenever you need it!

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How to Prepare for Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Motherhood​

When should we have a babymoon?? When should we wash the baby clothes?? When do we set up the nursery in case baby comes early??

We focus on baby’s checklist so much that we often forget our own!

I want to alter this narrative and focus on YOU before baby. Download this handy checklist of things to do in each trimester as you prepare for the birth of your baby!

Click the button below and enter your details to get this free PDF checklist delivered straight to your inbox. Enter your email and this little bundle of joy will be on its way.

(Bonus: No Poopy Diapers!)

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The New Mom’s Survival Guide

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Preparing for Baby Checklist

Pregnancy and baby planning can be stressful – make it a little easier by downloading our Preparing for Baby Checklist!

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