Toddlers & Tantrums:

A parenting playbook to help you manage toddler tantrums and behavior

All parents and caregivers need this sanity-saving course to give you practical tips to handle tantrums, misbehavior and meltdowns

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It might seem like anything can trigger a toddler tantrum...

Raising toddlers can be tough.

And when toddlers act out, we often have no clue what to do or say. Nothing we try works to calm them down before the dreaded full-blown meltdown.

You know the kind. Where your sweet, happy toddler turns into a pint-sized Hulk in a matter of seconds.

We question everything…

Maybe I could’ve done something different?

Maybe I don’t know how to read my kid’s cues?

Maybe I need to try a different type of discipline?

And the worst question of all… 

Maybe I’m a terrible parent?

Let me assure you – you’re not a terrible parent.


The problem isn’t you. The problem isn’t your toddler.

What’s happening is your toddler’s brain is under construction. 

The toddler brain goes through massive development and rewiring, which influences their behavior — and misbehavior.

Between the ages of 1 – 4, your toddler’s brain undergoes different phases of development, learning, connection and emotions. 

And it can be kind of tricky for them (and you!) to understand and manage their emotions, feelings and behaviors.

So, when you have a simple roadmap to help you understand what’s going on inside your toddler’s brain, you’ll be able to anticipate and respond to their needs and behavior...

… and diffuse tantrums before they start

Introducing: Toddlers & Tantrums

A parenting playbook to help you manage toddler tantrums and behavior

In this on-demand course, you’ll get 4 practical modules to help you manage meltdowns and minimize them before they start.

Get Toddlers & Tantrums for just: $97

Simple scripts and mindset tips to help you diffuse meltdowns from Day 1

“Bathtime is always a battle for us. But after using your “show me” script, my toddler’s not standing up in the tub anymore. It worked this morning when I bathed him!
Day 1!”

“It’s rare to find someone who has the power and knowledge of a Pediatrician and still be maternal and take the complexity out of it. Dr. Mona shares her motherhood struggles and weaves in the medical stuff. It’s not just textbook. It’s textbook + mom.”

Practical printables

with Doctor-approved tips & strategies


and strategies to manage common scenarios & roadblocks

Understand development

and become the best parent to your toddler

Bite-sized video lessons

and materials all in one handy place

The Toddlers & Tantrums course is the
resource you’ve been looking for

This digital course is created and delivered by Pediatrician and leading parenting expert, Dr. Mona.

Get helpful tips, scenarios, scripts and proven parenting principles to understand your toddler’s development and behavior a little better:

You’ll get trusted, well-researched advice to help you and your toddler manage the big feelings and stages during this phase – without having to search the internet or parenting forums for dodgy, judgmental advice. 

How is the Toddlers & Tantrums Course different from all the other courses and books out there?

The Toddlers & Tantrums Course was created by a Pediatrician who’s helped countless parents survive and thrive through the toddler years. 

I also have my own tantruming toddler – and we’ve had to navigate these tricky times in our own family.

Everything included in the course is researched-based. It’s the most comprehensive and transformative toddler behavior and tantrum course available. All recorded in short, bite-sized video lessons to make it easy to watch whenever you get a quick minute.

The tips and strategies are simple and doable for any family. 

No two kids are the same, and no strategy is one-size-fits all.

But when you have a solid understanding of basic child psychology and development + helpful scripts and parenting mindset hacks, you will be able to respond better during stressful situations.

And you’ll be able to help your toddler manage their big feelings and emotions.

Get practical tips and research-backed guidance to help you avoid tantrums and stay cool as a cucumber through every meltdown.

“I found the tips really helpful.
They were tangible and easy to implement in our home.”

Course participant

Get the Toddlers & Tantrums Course

and find out how to stay calm – even when you’re at your wit’s end

In this on-demand course, you’ll get 4 practical modules to help you manage meltdowns and stop them before they start

Get Toddlers & Tantrums for just: $97

What’s Included in Toddlers & Tantrums

Module One

Understanding Toddler Behavior & Tantrum Basics

You’ll discover:

Module Two

The 8 PDT Principles for Toddler Behavior

You’ll discover:

Module Three

Discipline & Boundaries

You’ll discover:

Module Four

Common Roadblocks in Toddler Behavior

You’ll discover:

About your parenting & tantrum coach...

Hi! I'm Dr. Mona

“ I know firsthand how difficult parenting can be, especially during these toddler years when they go from being an infant who needs you for everything… to a toddler who wants independence but still needs you… 

Through this course, you’ll have a better understanding of toddler development including what your kiddo needs and why they may have tantrums or meltdowns – so you can be the best parent for your toddler.

In reality, there is no ONE resource that can cover every single parenting scenario. You have to experience a situation and have your mantras and principles ready and pivot as you go. I’ll be setting you up with parenting principles to guide you through the toddler years and beyond in your parenting journey. 

Parenting is not a checkbox… it’s an art of approaching your child with principles that bring more peace, love, and understanding into your home.”

Dr. Mona is a leading parenting expert and board-certified Pediatrician. She’s the host of the popular The PedsDocTalk Podcast, and is a trusted expert for several media outlets, parenting magazines and moms everywhere. 

Dr. Mona

The Parent's Promise

You have 14 days to snoop around and access the full course. If it’s not your jam, then you’ll be refunded the full amount, no questions asked. 

Have Questions? We have Answers.

I encourage you to watch and share this course with anybody who will be caring for your child as being on the same page is really helpful when it comes to navigating a very common reality in the toddler years and for kids.

Module 2 covers power struggles and strong-willed children. That said, every child is different. What’s important, is understanding basic toddler behavior and development so you can anticipate different challenges at different stages. This course walks you through common scenarios many families face with frustrated or strong-willed toddlers.

Yes. Module 3 is a primer on what discipline is, how to set boundaries and how to use appropriate consequences, like time-outs or time-ins.

The course and strategies can help a variety of different children; however if your child is currently in behavioral therapy or receiving developmental services; I highly encourage continuing these 1:1 interventions as they can be very helpful for each individual child. 

You can find LOTS of stuff on the internet, not all of it is trustworthy. I’ve gathered the best, researched-backed approaches all into one simple course. We cover basic toddler development so you understand the different phases and behavior challenges your toddler might be going through. 

And we include something most courses forget: YOUR mindset and success strategies. Plus as far as I’m aware, this is one of the few toddler behavior and tantrum courses created by a practicing Pediatrician and toddler-mom. We’ve done all the research for you, so you don’t have to waste your precious time scouring the ‘net for dodgy advice.

After you purchase, you’ll be emailed logins to access the course on a private platform. You’ll find all the short videos and lessons brilliantly organized and easy-to-digest. There are 4 modules, each with 3-10 bite-sized lessons. Plus you receive printables and handouts on remotions, coping skills, different tantrum scenarios, managing multiple kids, and answers to common questions.

We put a lot of care into creating a gold-standard program for parents at an accessible price. We stand by our programs. If you’re not 100% happy with the materials, you have 14 days to notify us and request a refund.

The Toddlers & Tantrums Course will give you proven strategies, scripts and tips to parent your toddler through those big ups and downs

You’ll be confident you can handle anything they throw at you

In this on-demand course, you’ll get 4 practical modules to help you manage meltdowns and stop them before they start

Get Toddlers & Tantrums for just: $97