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Can the Mazda CX-90 Really Help With Carsickness?

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Can the Mazda CX-90 really help with Carsickness?

It’s never an enjoyable car ride when a child is nauseous and throws up – for you or your child. According to a recent Mazda survey, more than 60% of parents and caregivers worry about a child getting carsick, so I partnered with Mazda this holiday travel season to learn more about how its vehicle can help to reduce symptoms of carsickness. I also test drove it for a road trip to California. And we were blown away to the point we will be getting this vehicle! 

We had the Mazda CX-90 PHEV which is a plug-in hybrid crossover SUV. Designed with families in mind; the vehicle has ample space, even in the third row, and delivers a smooth driving experience. I felt in control and enjoyed driving AND being a passenger with no nauseous bellies! 🙌🏽

The exact cause of motion sickness is not fully understood, but it’s likely thought to be a result of conflicting signals sent to the brain by the body’s sensory systems. The inner ear plays a significant role in motion sickness, as it detects the body’s position and movement in space. When a person is in motion, the inner ear sends signals to the brain that can conflict with other sensory signals, such as those from the eyes or skin. 

For example, when you’re riding in a car, your inner ear detects you are moving, but your visual system might be fixated on a book or iPad in the car. In turn, this conflict can cause the brain to become confused, leading to symptoms of motion sickness, such as nausea.

Some tips to alleviate carsickness include:

  1. Have your child look at the horizon or a distant stationary object. By fixating on an object in the distance; this can help the sensory mismatch. It provides a frame-of-reference that allows the visual system to synchronize with the perceived motion so the mismatch that leads to nausea is less likely. The Mazda CX-90 is a three-row crossover SUV with windows in all three rows to provide those sitting in the back a view of the road ahead. I sat in the second and third rows and was blown away by how smooth the ride was in every seat. Mazda vehicles are designed for a planted and secure driving experience, which means a smooth ride even with stop-and-go driving or bumpy roads.

  2. Encourage fresh air. Opening windows or having proper ventilation can help alleviate nausea symptoms. Feeling stuffy or trapped can add to a feeling of nausea that people who are prone to carsickness can feel. The Mazda CX-90 has air vents in every row, including the third row, so all passengers can be cool and comfortable.

  3. Avoid reading or screen use in the car. This can increase the conflict between visual cues (fixed) and body’s sense of movement. If your inner ear feels the body is moving like in a vehicle and your eyes are fixed on a screen or book; this can cause the sensory mismatch that leads to motion sickness. Instead; play car games or listen to audiobooks. The Mazda CX-90 has an incredible stereo and some models have a Bose audio system where we bonded over Disney songs and other family faves. The vehicle is also so comfortable and where both our kids napped because of the smooth and comforting ride.

We are blown away by the vehicle and are in the process of either leasing or purchasing it. It was a safe, smooth, and enjoyable ride and I encourage you to test drive it today!

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** This blog was in partnership with Mazda **

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