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PedsDocTalk's Guide to No-Pressure Potty Training


When do we start? 

How can I encourage them?

Do we need any special equipment?

Everybody seems to potty train their kids at a certain age, but when is a child really ready? 

We’re breaking it down so you know when you’re ready and when your child is ready, what items you’ll need, and how to get prepared so you can be set up for success to have a smooth potty-training experience.

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Hi there!

I’m Dr. Mona, I’m a Board Certified Pediatrician and a mom.

When moms come to see me in my medical practice, they tend to have the same questions.

And the same worries.

How do I help my baby sleep at night? Do I have to help them?

What should I be feeding my toddler?

What milestones should my child be hitting?

When I became a mom to my son Ryaan in 2019, I experienced first-hand all the things us moms worry about.

And it changed me as a doctor. 

Now I know that the real question all moms have is:

How do I know if I’m making the right decisions for my baby or toddler?

That’s why it’s my mission to share balanced, well-researched parenting advice –

to lessen those big worries and help moms find more joy in motherhood.

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PedsDocTalk's Guide to No-Pressure Potty Training

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