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Is ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) really okay for kids and how does it differ from traditional swim classes?

ISR is gaining popularity in the U.S. As a Pediatrician in Florida, I know many families who have signed up for ISR classes for their children. We also started it but had to cancel due to the commute and weather delays.

But, there are a lot of misconceptions about ISR. I invited Erika Wilson, ISR instructor and owner of @seastarisr to discuss all things ISR and why it should be a swimming educational resource option for all families.

We discuss:

  • What Infant swimming resource (ISR) is and when you can start
  • Misconceptions about ISR
  • The benefits of ISR
  • How it differs from traditional swim classes
  • Questions to ask swim school/instructor to ensure survival skills
  • The risks of puddle jumpers and what to do instead
  • Things to consider when signing up for an ISR class

ISR is not available for all families in terms of time and finances.
Water safety with swim classes and supervision are important for all children.

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