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Say What?? Outdated Parenting and Medical Advice

How many of you have heard the following myths in regards to your child??

“Wait for tummy time!”
“Put alcohol on an umbilical cord to clean it.”
“Sleeping on your belly as a newborn is fine!”
“Give your baby formula or oatmeal to make them sleep longer.”
“Your baby needs a walker to help them learn how to walk.”
“Bouncing your baby on your legs will make them bowlegged.”
“It’s okay to give your baby/child aspirin for a fever.”
“Slapping is a good way to discipline a child.”
“Every boy should be circumcised.”
“Wait until one year to give allergenic foods”
“Toddlers NEED cows milk and juice and should have milk with every meal”

On this episode, I welcome my best friend, fellow Pediatrician and momma Dr. Marie Jones to bust these myths and why these are not true. This is an episode you may want grandma and/or grandpa to hear because I have a feeling you have heard many of these from them.

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