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The Key to a proper latch in breastfeeding

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What are the indicators of a proper vs improper latch?

Breastfeeding comes with a variety of concerns and questions. In this blog, I want to walk you through some simple ways to differentiate a proper vs an improper latch.

The best way to promote a proper latch is to try to get in a relaxed position for you, hold your baby skin to skin and see if they can lead the way first. It’s best for them to initiate the latch versus you forcing them on. Support your baby comfortably.

Proper Latch

  • More breast in the mouth from bottom lip.
  • Wide lips 140-160 degrees.
  • Baby’s lips are flanged out.
  • Comfortable for mom
  • Asymmetrical—baby’s mouth is covering more on the bottom of areola than the top.
  • Chin is touching breast, but nose is free.
  • This is important for mom’s comfort and to allow proper milk transfer. Proper milk transfer aids in proper feeding for baby and more production for mom.

Improper Latch

  • Angle of mouth is narrow or closer.
  • Baby is only sucking on the nipple.
  • Mom is in pain.

Remember, be patient with yourself and your baby. You BOTH are learning a new skill together, and it may take some time.

My goal is for you to address any concerns with latch or production in that first month to have a solid foundation for your breastfeeding journey. Check in with your goals and get the help you need to allow these goals to happen.

Breastfeeding journeys can come with roadblocks and moments where you may feel alone, but remember you are not alone.

So, don’t worry mama, I have more content and support on Infant Feeding and tips on breastfeeding, with The New Mom’s Survival Guide and community!

P.S. – Checkout this blog where I talk about my journey to becoming an IBCLC!

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