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What’s Wrong With Online Parenting Groups

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What’s Wrong With Online Parenting Groups

I joined a few “mommy groups” on Facebook before having Ryaan and a few after he was born. I soon realized the space was doing me more harm than good.

mom holding toddler while using her laptop in front of the backdrop of a whitewashed brick wall.

Here’s what I saw that irked me the wrong way:

The hardest thing was being on there as a general Pediatrician.

The amount of misinformation and incorrect diagnosis was astonishing. People who aren’t Pediatricians or clinicians who care for children on the regular were giving their opinion for a stranger they never met nor who they were able to get a history and physical from. People were also sourcing incorrect information from random Google searches and preaching it as truth.

So much running through my head…

The judgement. Oh the judgement!

Why are people showing pictures of rashes and why does everybody think they can diagnosis it correctly?
Rashes need CONTEXT. A picture doesn’t always do it justice.

Why are people putting up “pics for attention?”

Why are people getting into arguments with strangers on the internet?

(Okay, but it’s kind of interesting and I can’t look away).

What is what all the extreme opinions on parenting advice and why are they SO mean?

I went there for support, resources and education and left feeling more anxious, overwhelmed, and frankly annoyed.

I love these groups for the community and empowerment piece, but I knew that I wanted some rules.

So, I am creating my own💪🏽

Everyone who buys The New Mom Survival Guide automatically gets access to a Facebook Group.

This Facebook group will be a space for you to:

💕 Troubleshoot topics in the course
💕 Get support for an ESTABLISHED medical diagnosis from people going through something similar
💕 Get recommendations for products
💕 Resources such as childcare, activities, etc.
💕 Social support and empowerment
💕 Parenting tips
💕 Connection

AND Every month I will do:

👩🏽‍⚕️ Office Hours: A QandA session
👩🏽‍⚕️ Masterclasses: Topic to be voted on in the community
👩🏽‍⚕️ Mommy Musings: A discussion on a topic that is causing our community worry

This is THE online group I needed when I was a new mom and I’m creating it for you.

What do you love and not love about online parenting groups?

Check the Link in bio to sign up for the waitlist. ❤️❤️

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