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Dads can struggle with postpartum mental health too

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and just as much as we need to focus on maternal mental health, we also need to recognize that dads and non-birthing partners also can struggle postpartum as well. 7% and 9% of new fathers develop postpartum depression. I invited my husband back on the show to chat about postpartum mental health and mental health concerns in general in men.


We discuss

  • Why men and women can struggle with their mental health postpartum
  • Why men don’t talk about their mental health struggles or seek help as much as women may
  • The cultural barriers that exist that normalize seeking mental health help
  • How we’re raising our kids to undo this cycle of mental health stigma
  • How consistent therapy has helped my husband and myself


For more on postpartum mental health for all caregivers, visit this resource. If you are dealing with postpartum mental health concerns and need help, visit Postpartum Support International.


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