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Taking a leap in 2021 and going part-time as a working mom

For my last episode of 2021, I am starting a new series on this podcast that will continue into 2022.

Each month, I will share a heart-to-heart on finding joy as a mother, parent, Pediatrician, and well—-human!

I take on topics such as guilt, judgement, making tough decisions, work-life-balance, self-growth, and so much more.

My hope is you will feel empowered to find the best in yourself and find joy.

In this episode I go over:

  • Why going part-time was the scariest and best professional decision for me in 2022
  • Why I was scared to take the leap
  • A message for all working parents–especially working moms on finding work-life balance
  • Why I feel burnout at work has no place in the home and how to move towards finding that joy and balance again

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