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East meets West: The differences and similarities of child health and parenting in India and the U.S.

India is home to over 1.4 BILLION people and over 470 million children. There are more children in India than our entire population in the U.S. so I needed to have a pediatrician to chat with from India! I reached out to Dr. Imran Patel, a Pediatrician in India, and one the most followed and loved Pediatricians in the world with over 4.6 million followers on Instagram and 1.5 million followers on YouTube.

We discuss:

  • If vaccine hesitancy and anti-vaccine sentiment exist in India
  • The cultural differences in approach to sleep and kids
  • How he wishes more families would approach feeding solid foods
  • What motivates us as colleagues a world apart doing similar work

Connect with Dr. Imran Patel on Instagram @drimranpatelofficial

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